Ensure Your Privacy with Double Roller Blinds in the Central Coast, Wyong, Gosford, and Erina

Windows and glass doors do much more than allow you to look out or let the sunshine in; they also can be a point where others can see into your home or office building. If you do not want to be seen by passers-by, then you need something that will screen you from the traffic outside. With double roller blinds in the Central Coast, you have a solution that allows you to choose the level of privacy you need. Central Coast Blinds and Shutters offers a wide range of high quality double roller blinds in Wyong, along with other window coverings that are Australian made.

What are Double Roller Blinds in Gosford?

Double roller blinds are blinds that feature two different screens, both of which are controlled by the same bracket. Liker regular roller blinds, they can be easily moved up and down with either a chain or an electronic control. The difference is that you have two options with double roller blinds in Erina. The first layer, which is the one closest to the glass, offers a light filter or sunscreen to block much of the damaging UV rays from the sun. This layer also provides some level of privacy, while allowing you to still look outside and have some light come inside. The second layer will be a full black out blind, which offers complete privacy, and blocks out all the light from coming inside. With the two options on double roller blinds in Wyong, you can easily ensure you have the exact level of privacy you want.

Match Your Home's Décor with Double Roller Blinds in Erina

Unlike more traditional blinds, double roller blinds in Gosford typically have a more modern appeal. Although they have a more contemporary design, they can be made from a variety of materials and colours. This allows you to easily match your new double roller blinds in the Central Coast with your home's decor. You also have a choice of the level of protection offered by both layers in the system. You can choose light filtering if privacy and protection is not as important to you, or you can choose from higher levels of protection and privacy. The wide selection offered by Central Coast Blinds and Shutters makes it easy to find the exact match to your needs. Their knowledgeable staff will assist you in making an educated decision on your double roller blinds in Wyong.

Australian Made Blinds with Central Coast Blinds and Shutters

As a locally owned and operated business, Central Coast Blinds and Shutters believes in sourcing materials and products from Australia. Therefore, all of their selection of double roller blinds in Wyong and other goods are Australian made. Additionally, when possible they buy from local tradesmen and manufactures. Since 1980, Central Coast Blinds and Shutters has provided high quality services at an affordable price. The staff is well versed in the industry and work closely with clients to ensure they get exactly what they need. In addition to blinds and shutters, they also provide carpets and other floorings and will offer a highly competitive package price on flooring and other home improvement products including double roller blinds in Gosford and other Australian locales.

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